RASS is dedicated to you, plastic surgeons with special interest in aesthetic surgery, as well as public or other colleagues which would like to be connected to the latest news in the field.

RASS promotes values like professionalism, excellence and patients’ safety in aesthetic – plastic surgery.

Constitutive Act



Art. 1

  • The signatories of these Articles of Association, in their capacity as founder members, have decided to establish a non-profit society, according to the provisions of Law 21/1924, named SOCIETATEA ROMÂNĂ DE CHIRURGIE ESTETICĂ (Romanian Aesthetic Surgery Society).
  • Societatea Română de Chirurgie Estetică (S.R.C.E.) shall be legal person of private law, established according to the provisions of Law 21/1924, as from the final pronouncement of the Cluj County Court of Law.
  • S.R.C.E. shall be a non-governmental, non profit making and non political organisation. S.R.C.E. shall be fully structurally, operationally and economically autonomous.

Art. 2 – THE OBJECTIVES OF S.R.C.E. shall be:

  • to have aesthetic surgery recognized as independent entity within surgical specialties;
  • to correlate all the scientific, technical and applicative knowledge of its members, in order to work out therapeutic methods highly efficient in patient treatment;
  • to enhance the surgical service quality in the country.

Art. 4S.R.C.E. may affiliate to similar European or worldwide societies, maintaining scientific relationships with them, mutually participating to the events organized, publication exchange, experience exchange, scholarships.

Art. 5 – S.R.C.E. shall contribute in several ways to the development of the professional level of medical personnel and medical act. To this effect S.R.C.E.:

  • shall organize an appropriate system of education, documentation, medical information and publishing of specialty magazines;
  • shall support the use of modern investigation, diagnosis and treatment means in medical practice;
  • shall draft, together with the Ministry of Health, the rules and methods for acquiring the medical practice licence in private system;
  • shall contribute to ensuring the quality of medical services in private system, as well as the compliance with the contractual provisions of these services;

Art. 6S.R.C.E. shall promote the compliance with medical ethics and deontology principles, based on morality, fellowship and mutual respect principles and also on the principles of physician honour, patients’ life and will respect and professional secrecy.

The National Committee of S.R.C.E., based on evidence, written statements, audio-video recordings of the people involved, shall analyse the misconducts, using witnesses.

SRCE members who breach the medical ethics and deontology principles shall be eliminated from SRCE and shall not be accepted anymore to the events organized. Their name shall be recorded on SRCE site for non fellow-like behaviour.

Art. 10 – S.R.C.E. shall consist of :

  • Honorary members of SRCE may be elected from Romanian or foreign physicians, internationally appreciated, upon the proposal of a member of the National Committee and based on the approval of the general assembly’s simple majority, without having other rights or privileges besides those herein provided.
  • Full members of SRCE shall be Romanian plastic surgeons, carrying out their activity in Romania, members of the College of Physicians and who request to become full members after spending a 4 year training as associate members, based on a written application to be approved by the National Committee of SRCE.
  • Associate members of SRCE may be Romanian or foreign physicians, ENT, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, ophthalmologists, dermatologists, gynaecologists, general practitioners and other specialty physicians, biologists and general practitioners, with scientific interests related to the improvement of the aesthetic-functional side of human body,  requesting this based on a written application to be analysed and approved by the National Committee of SRCE, acquiring the rights and obligations herein provided.

Art. 11 – S.R.C.E. shall be managed by a NATIONAL COMMITTEE consisting of President, Vice-President, General Secretary, Scientific Secretary, Organizational Secretary, Treasurer and 7 members, elected for 4 years during the Ordinary or Extraordinary Meeting of SRCE General Assembly, simultaneously with the organisation of a national scientific event.

The President, the Vice-President, the General Secretary and the Scientific Secretary of the Committee must be plastic surgeons. Except for the first legislature, when these positions are filled by a founder member, the promotion in management positions shall take place hierarchically, by fulfilling one legislature in a lower position within the Committee.

So a member shall be proposed as treasurer or scientific secretary or organizational secretary and subsequently in a hierarchically higher position. On these lines a special component and social-professional probity at the level of the National Committee shall be intended.

A member of the National Committee of S.R.C.E. may not participate in the management body as President of other Romanian Medical Society (for example Romanian Society for Burns, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Romanian Surgery Society etc.)


  • shall handle the Society’s entire activity between two General Assemblies, shall meet each semester and shall have the following competences:
  • shall coordinate and approve the schedule of scientific events;
  • shall approve the affiliation to European and Worldwide societies with similar interests;
  • shall approve a prize, involving the grant of a diploma every year, for the best original paper presented by a young physician (less than 40 years) to the scientific events organized by S.R.C.E., that shall grant the winner the chance to be proposed for a training scholarship abroad;
  • shall suggest the grant of scholarships for gifted young physicians, interested in professional training and having a flawless moral-deontological profile, in order to be trained abroad;

RASS Board – 1994

  • Valeriu Borcea – President
  • Toma T. Mugea – General Secretary
  • Tiberiu Bratu – Organizing Secretary
  • Stefan Luchian – Scientific Secretary
  • Maricela Ardelean – Treasurer
  • Radu Jecan
  • Aurelia Isac

RASS Honorary Members – 48

  • Agrippa Ionescu – Romania
  • Valeriu Borcea – Romania
  • Fhad Beslimane – Maroco
  • Giovani Botti – Italy
  • Mario Pelle Ceravolo – Italy
  • Beatrice Lafarge Claoue – France
  • Miodrag Colic – Yugoslavia
  • David Cohen – Spain
  • Jose Carlos Daher – Brasil
  • Anthony Erian – UK
  • Julio Ferreira – Argentina
  • Pierre F. Fournier – France
  • James E. Fulton Jr. – USA
  • Alberto di Giuseppe – Italy
  • Thomas Galla – Germany
  • Joseph Georghy – Australia
  • John P. Gowar – UK
  • Per Heden – Sweden
  • Steven B. Hopping – USA
  • Yves Gerard Illouz – France
  • Mircea Ifrim – Romania
  • Jose Juri – Argentina
  • Ivan Krainik – Russia
  • Ermete de Longis – Italy
  • Feng Longfei – China
  • Cesar E. Morillas – Peru
  • Xionghzeng Mu – China
  • Adrian Musteata – Moldova
  • Trevor O’Neil – UK
  • Robert Oelinger – Germany
  • Ercin Ozunturk – Turkey
  • Samy Passy – Brasil
  • Sanja Schuller-Petrovich – Austria
  • Peng Quingxing – China
  • Angelo Rebelo – Portugal
  • Schulte Uebbing – Germany
  • Vijay Sharma – India
  • Melvin A. Shiffman – USA
  • Marlene Sulamanidze – Russia
  • Alfred Traub – Hungary
  • Bryan A. Toth – USA
  • Rene Villedieu – France
  • Francesca Zulliani- Italy
  • Michelle Zocchi – Italy
  • Anthony C. H. Watson – UK
  • Jungho Woo – Corea

86 – RASS Full Members

Plastic Surgeons

20 – RASS Associate Members

  • 3 – ENT surgeons
  • 5 – General surgeons
  • 5 – Gynecology surgeons
  • 3 – Dermatologists
  • 2 – Oncologic surgeons
  • 2 – Anesthesiologists

RASS Scientific Events

  • Tissue Expanders and Silicone Implants in Breast Aesthetic Surgery – Symposion, Cluj-Napoca, Nov 1994
  • Rhinoplasty – Simposion, Timisoara, Nov 1995
  • Blepharoplasty and Upper Face Rejuvenation – Simposion, Iasi, Oct. 1996
  • I st International Congress – Liposculpture Art and Science & Live Surgery, Cluj-Napoca, iun.1997
  • II nd International Congress – Facial Rejuvenation From Chemical Peeling to Facelift & Live Surgery, Cluj-Napoca, iun.1998
  • International Intensive Course – Breast Aesthetic Surgery Live Surgery, Cluj-Napoca, oct 1999
  • III rd International Congress – Refinements in Aesthetic Surgery, Oradea, June 2000
  • International Intensive Course – Breast Aesthetic Surgery Live Surgery, Cluj-Napoca, June 2001
  • IV th International Congress of Aesthetic Surgery & Live Surgery Bucharest, 3-5 October, 2002
  • V th International Congress of Aesthetic Surgery, Bucharest, 28-30 of May, 2005
  • VI th International Congress of Aesthetic Surgery, Bucharest, 2-4th of June, 2006
  • VII th International Congress of Aesthetic Surgery, Bucharest, 1-3rd of June, 2007
  • VIII th International Congress of Aesthetic Surgery, Bucharest, 6-8rd of June, 2008
  • XIVth Congress of the Romanian Association of Plastic Surgeons-ROAPS and Xth Congress of the Romanian Aesthetic Surgery Society-RASS, Bucharest, 8th – 11th June 2016